About SpeedLoader Swift

One day, Andrew Jackson was chatting to a friend and work colleague, a shooting enthusiast who expressed his frustration at the number of missed opportunities he had experienced while re-loading during flurries or when shooting driven game. He had been trying to think of ways to re-load faster and one idea seemed to have possibilities. He showed Andrew a primitive model made from bits of cable tie and asked him to find a way to develop it. All he asked in return was to take have a complimentary copy from the first production run.

Andrew approached Keith Hague who had experience in design, branding and product development. Together they modelled the device in Solid Works, the world's most advanced CAD development application and before long they had a first prototype made by fusion deposition modelling (FDM), a kind of 3D printing method.

Early testing showed great potential and called for minor modifications. A second prototype was generated and underwent extensive testing. These early prototypes performed beautifully.

After registering the design and applying for a patent, Speedloader limited was registered.

The first tool was made and a test batch produced. The first test batch was extensively trialled by some experienced shooters, their enthusiasm gave them the confidence to press on with development of the brand.

They created the new Speedloader Swift logo, packaging, website and display stand and worked towards setting up a trade distribution network.

SpeedLoader Swift is proving very popular. You will be seeing the display stand in more gunshops and clubs as the season progresses.


Andrew Jackson has extensive experience in retail management and marketing. He is a keen shooter and has associations with shooting clubs. He is responsible for distribution and sales of the Speedloader Swift.

Keith Hague runs his own advertising and marketing agency. He originally trained as an artist and designer and he is responsible for the computer modeling and final design for the SpeedLoader Swift.

Largest hunting magazine in Sweden tests Speedloader

We were delighted to hear from Rickard in Sweden that he had tested the Speedloader Swift in Sweden's largest online hunting magazine. Here's what he had to say:

"Hi, just wanted to let you know that we did a test of your product in the largest online hunting magazine in Sweden. Excellent product. I bought it some time ago from you and always have it with me on driven hunts. Kind regards, Rickard"

Read the magazine here: We're on page 64
Min Jakt magazine
Min Jakt magazine at Issuu

Speedloader scores highly in tests by Sporting Gun magazine

What's the best way to re-load when time is short? Sporting Gun Magazine puts speedloaders to the test. How does the Speedloader Swift compare? Very well actually. Read the article…

Finland gives Speedloader a warm welcome and a fantastic review

Fire Publications rigorously tested the Speedloader Swift for 'Riistalehti' (Game Magazine). As one might expect, tests included sub-zero temperature performance monitoring. Read the review…
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